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Ball bearings with flange for flexible installation options

Maintenance-free ball bearings with flange or flange housing

xiros fixed flange ball bearings enable high flexibility with regard to installing the ball bearings. The fixed flange ball bearings to screw on are available as fixed version or swivelling in combination with a flange bearing housing to compensate for misalignment. Ball bearings with flange are perfectly suited to secure the bearing axially, for example in housing holes, tube ends, transport rollers, rollers and conveyor rollers. The shield protects against dust and dirt.

Sealed deep groove ball bearings with flange  
Deep groove ball bearings with flange and shield

  • Dustproof ball bearings
  • Optional flange from one or both sides
  • Optional shield from one or both sides
  • With glass or stainless steel balls

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Ball bearings with flange  
Fixed flange ball bearing, fixed version

  • With two boreholes
  • Fixed version
  • For less precise holding fixtures
  • With stainless steel balls

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Ball bearings with flange housing  
Fixed flange ball bearing, pivoting version

  • Screw-on flange housing
  • Compensation for misalignment
  • Stainless steel or glass balls
  • Version with two or four holes

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Lubrication-free xiros ball bearings  


Plastic ball bearings more cost-effective than metal  

Direct from the manufacturer

BAll bearings directly from the manufacturer  
Ball bearings test laboratory  

In the industry's largest test laboratory, xiros ball bearings are put through their paces.

Ball bearings catalogue download  
Ball bearings catalogue

The xiros ball bearings catalogue can be downloaded directly online!


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