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Vintage spare parts produced in 3D printing

As a specialist for low-wear polymer components, we offer simple solutions for the procurement of various vintage car spare parts . Especially as wear parts such as speedometer cables, coupling rods, plain bearings, bushings and gears are often the weak points in vintage vehicles, which lose their functionality after many years of service. Depending on the vehicle, it is not so easy to find suitable spare parts in the market when searching for vintage car spare parts. Here the 3D printing of vintage spare parts is the perfect solution. No matter what vintage vehicle it is. Whether Fiat 500 vintage spare parts, Mercedes classic car spare parts, Deutz classic car spare parts, Porsche vintage parts or for brands such as BMW, VW, Ford, Opel, Fendt, Alfa, etc., you will find the right customised solution with 3D printing. Even vintage spare parts for tractors or motorcycles, scooters or boats are easy to produce with 3D printing.  
Modern high-performance polymers, which operate with low friction, without lubrication or maintenance, often replace the defective component even better than an original part. Our more than 30 years of experience in the field of low-wear and maintenance-free polymers will also benefit you by producing vintage spare parts with 3D printing.
With 3D printing, we are able to produce your desired vintage spare parts with no minimum quantity from low-wear iglidur polymer. When manufactured with 3D printing, the abrasion resistance of our polymers is comparable to that of conventional processes. Countless tests in our test laboratory confirm that it has more than 50 times higher wear resistance than other polymers.
Vintage spare parts produced with 3D printing - simple, individual, durable!

The modern procurement of vintage spare parts

  • Better quality and more durable than standard or original parts
  • Order online at the 3D printing service - Easy, fast & cost-efficient, from 24 hours
  • On request, we will gladly prepare the required CAD file of your component for production with 3D printing
  • With additive manufacturing, you can benefit from more than 30 years of experience in developing high-performance polymers for moving applications
  • Tested in the laboratory: 3D printed components have comparable wear resistance as those from injection moulding.
  • Low-wear vintage car parts -individually manufactured, low-maintenance, long service life

3D printing service for vintage car spare parts

Get your low-wear iglidur component in only three steps
3D printing service for CAD file upload  

1. Load 3D model of the spare part as CAD file (STP format) into the iglidur Designer.

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3D printing service - 360° view and material selection  

2. Choose quantity and material, place products in the shopping cart or request a quotation.

3D printing service shopping cart view  

3. Enter delivery address and order

Why 3D printing at igus?

Wear-resistant components made of iglidur polymers. Specially designed for moving applications where friction-optimised components made of polymer provide up to 50 times longer service life than standard 3D printing materials.  

Find out more about 3D printing at igus

Overview of 3D printing at igus  

Durability of our 3D printing materials

Specifically for components in moving applications. The wear-resistant parts made of iglidur polymers manufactured with 3D printing at igus have a longer service life than standard 3D printing materials. In our in-house laboratory, we test our iglidur polymers continuously regarding their tribological properties.

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Tribological wear tests at igus  

Application examples and customer references

Additive manufacturing in the construction of special vehicles

Motorists with disabilities benefit from "Darios", a digital gas ring. This allows you to accelerate with your hands on the steering wheel. "Darios 211" consists of over 200 identical parts that slide over the flattened steel ring. These parts are made of iglidur® I3 and are produced with 3D printing.  The great advantage of iglidur® I3 is that it requires no lubrication. This is very important as the company KEMPF offers a 30-year guarantee for all its equipment.  The further technical polymers by igus are also characterised by their lubrication-free use.  

Maintenance-free gripper for the packaging industry

Fast availability at a low price and use under hygienic conditions were important prerequisites for this gripper, which was ordered online with our 3D printing service. It is used to package cosmetic products and has the special advantage of working without additional lubrication, so that the material fulfills hygienic requirements.

Polymer gears printed in 3D for electric car charging system

Easelink, has developed "Matrix Charging", a charging system consisting of two components. A charging pad is installed in the car park. A connector on the bottom of the e-car drops down when parked over the pad. The charging process starts automatically, without the driver having to connect a cable. To make sure the development of prototypes remained cost-effective while ensuring high quality, a suitable rapid prototyping method was sought. Easelink decided to go for the 3D printing service by igus to produce tribologically optimised polymer gears.

Customised plain bearings ready for collection within hours

What do you do when an important replacement part for an exhibit suddenly goes missing on the way to a trade show? The response of the Berlin-based company Blackcam, a manufacturer of camera motion systems, was to turn to the igus 3D printing service. The plain bearings made of tribologically optimised iglidur polymer are characterised by their very low wear.  However, not only the wear quality played an important part for the use in the exhibit. It was crucial for Blackham that the component made of technical polymers was ready for collection the very same day.  

Anything but standard - Custom solutions for plain bearings thanks to 3D printing

The plain bearings made of the proven iglidur materials, which are supplied from the igus 3D printing service, allow us to design completely new solutions for various applications in our cutting and winding machines due to the individual geometrical designs. The printed components are now also used in batch-produced components. New developments can also be quickly implemented and tested thanks to the test samples that are usually provided at very short notice.
Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Vedder 
Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

igus 3D printing components in Kampf BSF_Slitter rewinder

Ultimaker and igus - Partners in motion

Ultimaker is pleased to announce that igus materials are now available in the Ultimaker Marketplace. igus® iglidur® I150 and iglidur® I180 enable various professional applications, meeting the demand for 3D printed parts with low-friction and high-abrasion resistance. Lubrication-free bearings, jigs and fixtures, and complex wear parts are just some of the applications that can be printed with these two filaments. The Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 3D printers, together with the award-winning Ultimaker Cura software are exactly what you need to print a variety of high-performance applications.
Paul Heiden
Senior Vice President Product Management
Ultimaker BV


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