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Free energy chain white paper

Find out how you can improve energy supply and reduce costs for your application. Practical tips, 50 years experience of energy chains and thousands of test results can help you select the right energy supply.

Our highlights:

Increase plant availability | Rotary energy control, RBR | Cranes | Line Selection Checklist | CleanroomRobotics |Cable reel without slip ring | Vertical drilling rigs

Energy supply systems for 6-axis robot

6-axis robots

Corrugated tubes versus modular 3-axis energy chains.

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White paper smart plastics

Increase plant availability

Increase plant availability and ensure process conformity with smart plastics.

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White paper CE certification

CE certification

The standing ofCE certificationin commerce in the European Economic Area and in global exports.

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White paper CSA

CSA, UL Listed, UL Recognised approvals

Presentation of the "UL Listed" and "UL Recognised" types of certification, as well as for CSA.

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Design tips for rotating energy supplies

Rotating energy supplies, RBR

Ten valuable tips on what to look out for when assembling a rotating energy supply.

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DNV-GL certification

DNV-GL certification

Be one step ahead of the current transformation with a successful DNV-GL certification.

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White paper CSA

EAC (GHOST) and CTP certifications

New approvals pave the way for entry into the Eastern European markets

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White paper inclined axes

Lifting platforms

Energy supply systems for machines with inclined axes. Hybrid energy chains YE.

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White paper triple E-Class container ships


Triple E-class container ships and the requirements for energy supply of STS cranes.

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White paper e-spool flex 2.0

Cable reel

Cable reel without slip ring with spiral guide - panel feed e-spool flex.

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Energy chains vs. cable trolleys

cable trolleys

Energy chains or cable trolleys. A comparison of both systems by using cranes in steel plants as an example.

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White paper cable selection

Cable selection

Cable selection check list for purchasing. How the right cable selection can significantly reduce lifecycle costs.

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White paper soldering


Why manual solder joints are good, but technically supported ones are better.

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Energy chains vs. motor cable drums

motor cable drums

Energy chains or motor cable drums, a comparison of both systems.

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Whitepaper over-engineering


Understanding customer requirements avoids over-engineering. igus solutions that can help avoid over-engineering.

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White paper cleanroom


Revolutionise effectiveness of the entire plant, and generate higher production yields.

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10 tips for energy supply on the robot


10 tips for energy supply on the 6-axis robot
Axis 3-6


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Steel cable floor guide vs. Busbar systems

Steel cable floor guide

Energy chains with steel cable guide as an alternative to a busbar system. Benefits concerning installation, modularity and maintenance.

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White paper Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)

How to transfer data efficiently from field devices. Fast and direct communication with the machine.


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Energy chains vs. busbar system

Busbar systems

Energy chains or busbar systems. A comparison using crane electrification as an example.

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UL certification

UL-verified with up to 36-month guarantee

How the bar can be significantly raised for brand promises with the "UL verified" marketing claim.

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White paper e-loop

Vertical drilling rigs

Ideal cable guiding in vertical drilling rigs. From the service loop to the e-loop ... can be installed quickly and easily and is weather-resistant

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White paper zig-zag

Vertical energy supply in stage technology

6 tips for selecting and designing vertical energy supply systems for stage technology

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White paper e-loop under adverse conditions

Adverse conditions

The e-loop® cable guidance is a versatile problem solver under adverse conditions.


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