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The world's first non-contact system for monitoring ​standard e-chain systems®

New i.Cee wonderbox can be easily attached to the trough without any additional elements inside the chain to monitor the travel and condition of each individual chain link.

Presentation of the contactless functional principle of the i.Cee wonderbox
With the non-contact system monitoring for gliding e-chain systems® (with & without rollers), igus® has achieved a technological sensation. The new i.Cee wonderbox measures the dynamic parameters of the "passing" chain without contact, similar to a speed trap on the motorway. By comparing with standard values from years of experience in the igus test laboratory, changes in condition can be detected at an early stage and precise service life predictions can be made for each individual chain link.

The wonderbox can be easily installed on the trough in the area of the fixed end. No further additional elements are required within the chain, which also guarantees high process stability in retrofitting. 
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Tech up

Tech up

  • Non-contact system monitoring for gliding energy chain applications
  • Real-time early warning system with position-dependent condition display
  • Space-saving external mounting on the fixed end
  • Motion profile determination for precise service life calculation for each individual chain link
Cost down

Cost down

  • Use on standard e-chain systems® without additional elements
  • Selective chain link service life prediction allows efficient maintenance management
  • Optional non-contact ascent detection prevents time-consuming chain replacement


  • Ongoing test series in the industry's largest test laboratory for dynamic power transmission systems, specifically on the outdoor test track


  • No abrasion marks on sensors thanks to the non-contact measuring method
  • No unnecessary or premature material replacement thanks to condition-based maintenance recommendations
Our smart plastics expert Richard Habering explains the new i.Cee Wonderbox directly using a working sample at the igus trade show stand in Cologne.

Intelligent system monitoring successfully implemented

smart plastics in practice

Wastewater treatment plants and wastewater operations |
Port and container cranes
Conveyor and bulk handling


"Less effort, greater availability"

i.Sense EC.P in use "Less maintenance effort, greater availability, the capability of guiding all different cables and hoses in a single system, intelligent i.Sense condition monitoring … I would definitely choose the intelligent igus energy chains again!"

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Wilhelm, Project Manager for AOS Stade GmbH

Customer applications worldwide

i.Sense EC.P examples in the overview In international automotive production, the global crane industry, or regional wastewater plants: i.Sense EC.P systems are successfully used wherever maintenance costs are saved and machine downtime prevented:

To the application overview

When do I need a smart condition monitoring system like the i.Cee wonderbox?

Condition monitoring instead of production downtime

When regular maintenance work requires complete production shutdown ...
Condition monitoring system for very small deviations

When motion anomalies cannot be detected by humans in time ... 
Condition monitoring for continuous monitoring

If plants or machines need to be monitored frequently or continuously ...
Condition monitoring for hard-to-reach areas

If energy supply system travels are difficult to access or view ... 
Condition monitoring for security areas

If maintenance work poses a health or safety risk ...
Condition monitoring for reducing costs

If maintenance costs are to be reduced and service life extended ...

Smart machine data acquisition forms the basis for predictive maintenance concepts

Since the i.Sense Wonderbox is part of the smart plastics i.Sense condition monitoring system, all of its data can also be evaluated in the i.Cee control cabinet module. These data can then be used to digitally control the system's alarm and escalation management. 

The i.Cee module can be integrated into predictive maintenance concepts in a number of ways, from preventive service management, which schedules regular maintenance depending on use, to location-independent fault management, which immediately reports any unforeseen change via various mobile channels. All information is collated in a modern dashboard, online or offline in the local network, depending on the customer's requirements.

White paper on optimising overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Clarifies the distinction between condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

This free white paper explains: 

  • What igus® condition monitoring (i.Sense) means
  • What igus® predictive maintenance (i.Cee) means
  • What technology is behind both systems
  • What the two systems offer industrial energy supply

Outdoor test track for long travels

Our 200m test track for energy chains can be used to test travels of up to 400m. The e-chains can be moved automatically at a speed of up to 8m/s and an acceleration of 2m/s².

In this test we have the products P4, 4040RHD, autoglide 5 and i.Sense systems from smart plastics.

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